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Passion and Purity


Student Reports 2008-2010



My reflections on Passion and Purity Conference at the St Hilda’s High School in Brown’s Town St. Ann Feb. 27,2010 By: Prince Mc Farlene St. Andrew Technical High School.


.After a rousing and victorious praise session to God because of who He is, and for bringing us together safely to enjoy His presence; the Vessels of Praise dance troupe ministered a selection by “Mary, Mary” entitled “I Worship You.” The audience gathered in the St. Hilda’s auditorium easily engaged the presence of the Lord signaling that the dance was well done. The next presenter, Rev. Stephenson Samuels, was a man full of the fire for God and a zeal for young people. I wondered if he could really be a pastor as he was so full of joy and praise. The passion for God in the young people was easily stirred in this session.


.The large number of teens and their overwhelming zeal surprised me. It was such an explosive atmosphere filled with the presence of God as we were stirred to receive a Passion for Excellence. I loved the St, Hilda’s choir that followed next. I loved all the speakers but enjoyed Bishop Carleen Riley. It was too cute that the next speaker Bishop Carleen Riley was introduced as ‘none other than a young lady destined to be here in Jamaica to serve the Lord’. Great job Uncle Andrew! In her presentation on a Passion for Purity she shared that when she was growing up she was not allowed to wear short skirts. Bishop Carleen emphasized that we need to keep our focus on God, even at the expense of denying ourselves of some things that may look good. One highpoint of her presentation was when she picked up on the feedback “No ring, no ting” from the audience and had the entire auditorium shouting in agreement. Great ministry in dance to the song “Praise is what I do” by the Brown’s Town Portraits of the Word dance.


The Kerron Ennis-Scarlett Drama Ministry was excellent. The character ‘Slim’ was good. After lunch, the Praise and Worship team continued to lift up God to the fullest. The panel discussion that followed covered many of the students’ concerns as to be how to be properly accomplish one’s career choice and be prepared for the working world, and also, how to approach it from a Christian point of view. There were also other issues about purity that were addressed.The Octave representative really ministered the song. “I can only imagine.” The JEM choir was a blessing. Everything went well it was just a great conference..


Kimberly Cain Brown's Town Community College.


. Passion and Purity at Ardenne High was so powerful...I mean i didnt leave the way i came..I have been a Christian for a long time now and when i came to passion and purity. It opened my mind to things that i was'nt really aware of to some extent. I am loving this movement. I want to embrace it and spread it all over Jamaica land we love..jus pray for each other and put everything to GOD! I love u all.


Purity Day. Bath Primary and Junior High School- December 22, 2009.


Over the past seven years Ms Judy Mowatt Gospel recording artist has chosen to celebrate her birthday with the people in Bath St. Thomas. This year she chose to celebrate her birthday by co-hosting a Passion and Purity day and a four night crusade. The Passion and Purity day was an awesome eperience. The theme was " Connect with God and sort out yuhself ". The highlights of the day included a very interesting panel discussion that saw several professionals shared practical insights with our youth. They were also given the opportunity to express their creative talents in a variety of interesting and exciting ways. The children were not left out as they were included in the days events. In a session enttled Music and Youth speaker Kerron Ennis connected with both youth and children. The day ended with an awesome gospel concert.




.A team of twenty (20) Passion and Purity youth and staff members attended and minstered at the Methodist youth conference dubbed, “Wake Up! Time Fi Sort out Yuself”. After sharing in a portion of the morning sessions; we presented for one hour on the topic, “Living Pure in a sex-charged culture”... The ministry was well received. And many youth passionately implored God to help them to become fully awake and to also help them to sort themselves out...


We feel honoured to have been invited to share on that platform raised up by God through his servant John Wesley so many years ago. Church history records that John Wesley featured prominently in the Holiness movement, which found its roots in England and spanned at least 100 years, beginning in the early 1700’s...The main teaching taught by John Wesley and other holiness preachers was the doctrine of purity/ living a holy life; beginning with a definite experience of sanctification- Dr. Bill Hamon. Many youth and ministers and members visited the Passion and Purity display area; and also had meaningful interaction with the Passion and Purity team.We say "to God be the glory".


* Gavea Palmer Knox Community College. April 2009


Passion and Purity Conference Manchester High School-This conference has done a lot for teens. As for me this conference has encouraged me to continue towards finding my Passion and to continue embracing my God given gift of Purity. I am so grateful for this conference it has really encouraged me to keep the faith and love everything about me. Your passion is zeal, something that you really love and no matter what the circumstance if you have to fight to achieve or get it you will. To find our passion we first have to pray long and hard to God about the idea which we think might be our passion. After praying to God he will answer you and let you know whether or not this idea that you have chosen to become your passion is good for you or not as Dr. Samuels spoke to us about “pure construction, what is God’s design for me.” So therefore passion is something which you would like to achieve.


Embracing our purity is confidently holding on to your God given gift of virginity until you are married. This purity that we must embrace is not only the sexual purity but you must also be pure in thoughts, actions and morals. We must not corrupt our minds, hearts and bodies with the devil’s sin. As Jermaine and aunty Olecia sings about asking God to touch our hearts, speech and minds and asking him to speak through us this is exactly what we must pray for. If you have already given up your purity do not worry because guess what, you can clean up what you have messed up by praying to God and asking him to forgive you and make your life new again, as Mrs. Vernon walked us through the stages of being pure.


To endure purity we must try to break the power of the ungodly role models around us as aunty Olecia encouraged us if we know this role model is displaying a negative example then it shouldn’t be a positive result for you. If you know God would not embrace whatever example that role model is setting then I think you should break the power of this role model do not just leave them but let them know that if you are of Godly things then you cannot endorse whatever he/she is doing. After doing all these things then you will find that you are passionately pure and loving it according to aunty Donnete’s speech title. So let us find our positive God given passion and embrace this wonderful gift of purity. Only a passionate love of purity can save a person from impure passions.


* Robert Green (Fourth Former ) Manchester High School. April 2009


Passion and Purity was spirit-filled and I enjoyed it. The Lord was really present at this conference, especially when they called all the young teenage boys to the altar. I really enjoyed this conference.


*Davane Jackson - April 2009 -Fifth Form student -BlackRiver high school.


I am willing to sell out to this movement (passion and purity). As a young man for God. I have seen the need wherein young persons like myself need to know their passion and also seek to live pure. If you should go through Jamaica and the rest of the world you would see how much of our young people have sold out to the devil and the world and it is not supposed to be like that!!!But I thank God for this movement and I think passion and purity is going to take back those young people from the devil .I should not say think but of a fact it is going to take them back. If each and ever young person find their passion then they would have the zeal to serve God which we were created to do. There are so many young people who are crying out for help. I must also comment on the conference held at Manchester high it was a blessing to my soul I have gain spiritually strength may God bless this movement and all those who are involved.

* Rushel Smith. Catholic College- Mandeville. April 2009.

I was really blessed and challenged by the whole experience. It was my first attendance at a Passion and Purity Conference but it certainly will not be my last! The Story of Amal Clarke really touched my very soul coupled with your presentation. It was refreshing to see young people "give themselves away" to be used by God. All the presentations were awesome, it was just what I needed to help me in my Christian walk with God. The dances and musical performances were a treat as usual and you had on stage two of my Godly role models Minister DJ Nicholas and Worshiper Jermaine Edwards. It was a blast!!!.

* Simone Rowe Upper Sixth Form Student- Manchester High School. April 2009-

All I can say is that this initiative is “divinely ordained” by God Himself. For those who are living a G-rated (God-rated) life I think this serves to reassure them that their choice to live godly is right on target. Flesh tends to get easily discouraged but with Passion and Purity sessions and conference being a hit thing I know many teens are fuelled up for life’s journey. This wholistic move helps to channel our thoughts, motives and actions towards being passionate for God and having healthy relationships and strong moral values. I must say that every possible aspect in a teenager’s life is specially dealt with in this movement which is commendable. Teens are direct and precise and dealing with them directly is and will prove very effective. These sessions have profoundly spoken into the needs of teens.


The package is well blended with dramatization and a concert at the end. Passion and Purity a very exciting venture and I know God is going to be doing even more miraculous things. One thing I am happy about is that the needs of our young men are also dealt with. Many of them have internalized the need to be mature by not abstaining from sexual activity. This is just morally and socially incorrect. Nevertheless, this conference will reverse the widely held notion so that they can respect themselves and treasure girls. Passion and Purity – “Finding Your Passion…Embracing Your Purity” is a military movement that is gathering an unconquerable army for God. This is just remarkable!!! I would also recommend all teens to read “The Power of a Praying Teen” by Stormie Omartian. It speaks to the needs of teens and helps one to become passionate for God. I know God is going to raise up an army of youth for Him. I certainly desire to be in that league. Do you?


* Shanique Henry -Belle Field High School. September 2008-


The experiences I gathered from the Wolmer’s Girls Passion and Purity last year has been propelling me into discovering my desired passion of becoming a lawyer. I now understand that if I maintain my purity then I am very special and with God’s guidance, my passion and purity will be opened up like a beautiful rose. I am grateful for this opportunity; the memories are lasting and precious.


* Vionne Derby- Ardenne High School. September 2008.


The conference at Wolmer’s was very interesting and I had a catawompus time. We sang songs of praises to God and danced. There were speakers informing us about our Passion and how we must stay pure. My passion is to help others; especially children. I learnt that while I am on my journey to achieve my passion, I must remain pure. I learnt how to choose my friends even the right guy. There was a drama presentation, dances an even a fashion show. I enjoyed ever bit of it. The best part was when DJ Nicholas came. His music was inspiring. It was the perfect ending.


* Passion and Purity Frazer Conference . August 2009-


.The Passion and Purity conference held in Frazer St Ann, August 30th was a blessing. Youths were challenged to stand up for Christ this school year; They were challenged to embrace God’s purpose for thier lives as this will lead to them being passionate about being productive and pure for His glory, The life of Daniel was highlighted. Daniel embraced God’s purpose, was determined not to defile himself and effectively served the purposes of God in his generation. Special shout out to  the many Passion and Purity Youths from the First Assembly of God, from Mandeville Manchester who attended.


* BTI youth Passion and Purity Camp . August 13-15 2009


The BTI Youth camp convened at the Jamaica Crest had as its focus "Passion and Purity'. We saw lives transformed by the power of God. Ours youths are believing that they can have their passion directed towards the right things and live lives that bring glory and honour to God. In the words of one happy camper 'Youth camp sell off'.It was a pleasure having April Glover international Youth Director, Heather, and Cliffy visiting our beautiful island Jamaica for the first time.."PASSIONATELY PURE WITH A PECULIAR PURPOSE-" BTI YOUTH CAMPERS 2009- Jamaica Crest.________________________